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Virtua Cop
"Level 3" - Bass tab
Platform(s):Sega Saturn
Tabbed by:rwin85
Last modified:2002-04-16
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Sega Saturn-----Virtual Cop (Level 3)

Bass line is to be played throughout piece.  Inclued one rest somewhere 
in the middle, then resume.

    e  e  e  e  e  q  q  e  e  e  e  e  e  e


  w = whole note            W = dotted whole
  h = half note             H = dotted half
  q = quarter note          Q = dotted quarter
  e = eighth note           E = dotted eighth
  s = sixteenth note        S = dotted sixteenth
  t = 32nd note             T = dotted 32nd
  x = 64th note             X = dotted 64th
  ^ = triplet

Tabbed by: rwin85

VGJam Tabs Virtua Cop - "Level 3"
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