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Super Mario Bros. 3
"World 7 map screen" - Guitar tab
Platform(s):Nintendo Entertainment System
Composed by:Koji Kondo
Tabbed by:Thomas McManus
Last modified:2000-01-04
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Game: Super Mario Bros. 3
Song: Pipe Maze (world 7 map screen)
Composer: Koji Kondo?
Tabbed by: Thomas McManus (

Note: I tabbed this is off of Super Mario All-Stars. But I
think they just enhanced the sound quality, and didn't
actually mess with the music. So it should sound the same
as the original.

      *                   *

repeat ad infinitum

*a whammy bar gives a better sound compared to vibrato here

VGJam Tabs Super Mario Bros. 3 - "World 7 map screen"
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