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Final Fantasy II
"Red Wings" - Bass tab
Platform(s):Super NES
Composed by:Nobuo Uematsu
Tabbed by:crysrob3
Last modified:1999-12-17
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Okay, This is the BASS TAB to the Red Wings Theme from FF2.  I usually drop the tuning on the E string to match the A string with the 7th fret instead of the 5th to make it easier.  I only use three of the strings, so that's all I'll include.  Okay, here it is.
D |------------------------------------------------0--1--3--5----3--1-----------------------------------------------
A |------5--5--3--1--0--3--1------5-----3---------------------------3--2------444-333-222----------------
E |--5----------------------------5------5-------------------------------------------------------------5-5-5-5-5-5
A|-444-333-222-|  Repeat once then immediately go to next part
E| -------------------|
Repeat entire tab when finished the first time and that's it.  Enjoy.
VGJam Tabs Final Fantasy II - "Red Wings"
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