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Final Fantasy III
"Another World of Beasts (Esper theme)" - Guitar tab
Platform(s):Super NES
Composed by:Nobuo Uematsu
Tabbed by:Wriggler
Last modified:2000-06-02
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Game: Final Fantasy 3/6 
Sytem: SNES
Originally Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
Tabbed By Wriggler
Song: Another World of Beasts (rhythm/string section)

Along with this tab and Tom's lead part, you and a friend can play this 
really creepy song. Hopefully the notes I figured out will go well with the 
lead notes Tom figured out.. this sounds really good played clean with a neck 
pickup and reverb, as many final fantasy riffs do. Blah blah, heres the tab..

(riff 1 
A|-7-10----------    play this about 8 times or so, then go into riff 2
E|-----------------     listen to the song to get the perfect timing for it 

(riff 2
A|-7-10----------   play this twice, then back into riff one again 

(riff 3
   this is the high part in the middle of the song, it sounds really cool and 
it's a little       
   fast, i suggest finally putting distortion into this riff. It's played 
atleast 8 or 9 
   times, and then you just repeat it all over again. This was figured out 
from the CD 
   so if it doesn't play along with the midi, don't blame me!

VGJam Tabs Final Fantasy III - "Another World of Beasts (Esper theme)"
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