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Final Fantasy III
"Gogo's theme" - Guitar tab
Platform(s):Super NES
Composed by:Nobuo Uematsu
Tabbed by:Wriggler
Last modified:2001-12-13
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Final Fantasy 3 (6 J.)
SNES/Super Famicom
Originally Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
tabbed by Wriggler
Gogo's Theme

Riff 1-intro  1X


Riff 2- main riff

 these are just the notes, listen to a midi or something for the feel! I like to palm mute the last bit

Riff 2 B

e--15-----15---18--17--17---------14h15-   this is played after the above riff usually, listen to the song.
B-----15-------------------15h17--------     it doesnt matter really as it's the same notes anyway

then the tail on the end.. Riff 2 C


repeat the entire main part once, then into the interlude bit

Riff 3 A Interlude

G- 12-12--12--11--10-9-----12--12-12--10-9      1X , then

Riff 3 B

D-12h15--12h15--------12--15~--12h15--12h15------     1X , then

Riff 3 C

G-12---14--15--14--15-15--14-12---12-13  suddenly stop any sustain, then....

Riff 3 D  the lovely descend...


Then this linking riff...which is also played under Riff 2 throughout the whole song 
in some for or another..just improvise with it a little

D-5------   4 X, then right back into the main part. It's all repeated about 2 times, with the third time fading out
A----5--                                                                as with most of Uematsu's tracks

don't play this unless you're familiar with the song, some timing may be weird, as some sequences are slow 
and then go into a slight flurry of the notes. It's pretty cool sounding, and very playable however. have fun.

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