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Final Fantasy III
"Locke's theme" - Guitar tab
Platform(s):Super NES
Composed by:Nobuo Uematsu
Tabbed by:Jonas "Watts" Ohlsson
Last modified:1999-05-06
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Locke's Theme 
Version 1.0
Made By: Jonas "Watts" Ohlsson 

For those of you haven't read tab before: The tab is upside
down, so the "E" string is the biggest string and the "e" is 
the smallest. 

    Riff 1                          Riff 2 
e |------------------------------|-------3-4--4p3-----------------|
B |-------------6-4---4-4-3------|-----3----------4---4-2h3-5-2---|
G |---3---3-5---------------3----|---3----------------------------|
D |------3-----------------------|--------------------------------|
A |------------------------------|--------------------------------|
E |------------------------------|--------------------------------|

    Riff 3                     Riff 4	     Riff 5         
e |-------3-4--4-4p3---3-1---|---0--4--2---|--------------------|
B |-----3------------4-------|-------------|---4--4-4p3---3-1---|
G |---3----------------------|-------------|------------3-------|
D |--------------------------|-------------|--------------------|
A |--------------------------|-------------|--------------------|
E |--------------------------|-------------|--------------------|

Riff order:
  * Riff 1 and 2 
  * Riff 1 and 2 again
  * Riff 3 and 4
  * Riff 3 and 5

 There's more stuff in this song but I'll add that some other time

VGJam Tabs Final Fantasy III - "Locke's theme"
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