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Final Fantasy X
"Song of Prayer" - Guitar tab
Platform(s):PlayStation 2
Composed by:Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano
Soundtrack:Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack [SSCX-10054~7] (track D1-20)
Tabbed by:Eric Peterson
Last modified:2003-01-30
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Platform: Playstation II
Game: Final Fantasy X
Title: Song of Prayer
From: Final Fantasy X
Tabber: Eric Peterson

Pretty simple song...  This is my arrangement...  It's not gonna be 
exactly like the song...  
If you want to hear a sample, a link is provided at the bottom.  Contact
 me for questions...  



 ~ Hold or let ring
 / Slide up
 \ Slide Down
 v Vibrato
 h hammer-down
 ^ harmonics

Mp3 file: --- approx. 831kb

VGJam Tabs Final Fantasy X - "Song of Prayer"
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