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"Stars of Tears (Out Take)" - Guitar tab
Composed by:Yasunori Mitsuda
Soundtrack:Xenogears Original Soundtrack (track D1-02)
Tabbed by:Wilfred
Last modified:2001-08-26
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The verses to Stars of Tears should in fact go as such:


G                        F            G
  Your fingertips moving gently to my heart
Em             Gm               Dsus    D
  The force of life goes on and on.
G                         F            G
  The song remains like a haunting melody
Em         C             Dsus    D 
  Of angel music held in chains.

And I ask you:

C               Dsus D  Em
Can we ease the pain of those who lost? (The force of life goes on)
C               Dsus D            Em
Can we know the cause of all this sorrow? (Tears of loneliness)
C                Dsus D     G		Em
Can we catch the tears of a broken world
C                            Dsus           D
Falling down upon the earth, Falling down...

And there's a missing G in the chorus but that's all :)

By Wilfred

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