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"Pain" - Guitar tab
Platform(s):PlayStation 2
Composed by:Yasunori Mitsuda
Soundtrack:Xenosaga OST [SSCX-10062] (track D2-18)
Tabbed by:Andrea Mondello
Last modified:2003-01-09
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Title: Pain
Artist: Joanne Hogg
Written by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Album: Xenosaga Original Soundtrack; Track: Disc 2, 18
Tablature by: Andrea Mondello

This is my favourite song ever. Enjoy :)

E B C#m A
E B A B (x2)

Verse 1:
E              B       C#m         A 
  First we touched and we heard each other
E               B                   A        B 
  Then we tear our hearts apart
E                    B   C#m          A
  We are too close and I can feel the pain
E           B         F#
  Fill my empty heart

Verse 2:
A         B           C#m
  Is this pain too much for me?
A           B         E
  Can I stay the same?
A                 B         C#m
  When this pain consumes my heart
F#m         G#m             A           B
  Will I be able to hold on to my soul?

E                      F#                    E
  Kindness is something I don't want or need
E                                F#                    G#
  The sunshine would just dissolve me into light
E                F#                      E
  Give me a pain as pleasing as your sight
E              F#                    G#
  So I can feel you all the day and night
        C#m              B         A 
And keep me from fading away

E B C#m A

Verse 3 (as Verse 1):
Even when we behold each other
Somehow our eyes do not meet
And when you hold me in your strong embrace
Still I feel no heat

Verse 4 (as Verse 2):
But it gives me such delight
To feel you close at night
I know I am true to myself
Now it comes deep into my heart somehow

Chorus (x2)

A F#m D E x3

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