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Submission guidelines

First of all, thanks for deciding to help us out! VGJam wouldn't be half the site that it is now without your contributions, and we sincerely appreciate your time and effort. To make updating this site easier on me, I've put up some guidelines that I ask you to follow when submitting your own tabs. Remember, the easier it is for me to update, the more I'll want to keep updating, and that means more tabs for you. :)

  1. We accept tabs from video/arcade/computer games. If your tab is almost exactly like one we already have on the site, we probably won't add it unless you're pointing out corrections.
  2. Please include the system, game title, and song title (i.e. "PlayStation 5 - Final Fantasy DCLXVI - The Light of the Flashlight"). I don't own every video game system, nor have I played every game ever made, so missing information usually slows down the updating process immensely.
  3. Please use a monospaced font such as "Courier New" or "Courier."
  4. You can include a MIDI if you want, but this is not necessary.
  5. If possible, please include the track name and number (if the song also appears on the game's CD soundtrack) and original composer. Again, not required.
  6. Guitar Pro files (.gp5) are OK. However, you must also include a plain-text version of the tab. Guitar Pro can easily produce this for you by going to File -> Export -> ASCII.

That's it, happy tabbing! :)
E-mail your tabs here. You can either attach it as a text file, or type the tab straight into the e-mail, it doesn't matter.

Tabbing tips

Just some helpful advice coming from years of tab reading and writing experience.

  • Try to show length of notes and/or silence by varying the space between numbers. For example:
    would generally be easier to follow than:
    ...especially if the reader doesn't have the original recording to play back.

  • Try to avoid using one string for the entire tab. By moving notes to adjacent strings, you can attempt to tab a basic melody line in one position. For example,
    can be rewritten like so:
    The second version would probably be easier for most players because the fretting hand stays in one position and doesn't have to stretch across seven frets. Personally, "one-string tabs" are usually harder for me memorize.
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